With so many different pairs of sunglasses out there it almost seems impossible to pick the perfect ones. Nowadays you can pretty much choose any style or colour you like and be sure that it will be found somewhere in your price range.

For me, sunglasses are the perfect accessory to just makeย an outfit. They make the whole outfit look a bit more put together and gives the impression that lots more effort has gone into it than what the reality is.

And let’s be real, half of the time we’re not even wearing sunglasses for their actual purpose, just using them as an accessory on the top of our heads.

Over the years I’ve collected up a few pairs. I don’t really have a particular style that I’m drawn to because, as you’ll see, the colours and styles really range between each pair. Of course I have my favourites that I wear more often than others but each pair give off such different vibes that I prefer wearing them all on different occasions, meaning that no pair goes unnoticed.

Are you a fan of sunglasses? Which pair is your favourite? Let me know!







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