Sporting the Jumpsuit for Autumn

Has anyone else noticed the trend of jumpsuits just suddenly rocketing? Playsuits have been such a big part of fashion for quite a while now but this year its long-legged friend the jumpsuit seems to be making a grand entrance.

I’m such a fan of playsuits and jumpsuits because they just make getting dressed in the morning so easy. Barely any thought is needed because apart from shoes and accessories your whole outfit is pretty much covered. Despite this, it creates an outfit that looks well put together and makes it seem like way more effort has been put into it than what the reality is.



However, as it’s nearing autumn and the colder months now it’s not quite so easy to get away with wearing a playsuit without being absolutely freezing, so I was more than happy when I started seeing jumpsuits become a thing. Jumpsuits are so versatile and perfect for any occasion. Lately, I’ve been seeing them dressed up for weddings as well as worn on casual days out and honestly, they look great for both. Pairing different shoes with it (such as boots, trainers or heels) all bring a completely different vibe to the look, making it perfect for any occasion. 

Jumpsuits are the perfect garment for transitional dressing because whatever the weather they’re so easy to work with. Simply throw on a jumper or jacket over the top on those colder days and you’re good to go. Not only this, but a single jumpsuit can be made to look like several different outfits. As well as shoes affecting the vibe of the outfit, the different layers added on top can change the outfit entirely. For example, by adding a baggy, oversized jumper and trainers you have achieved a casual and relaxed look. In order to dress it up a bit more, consider heeled boots with a leather jacket.

This jumpsuit is part of Niomi Smart’s September Edition at Oasis. I think this whole collection is amazing and I would buy everything from it if I could. This jumpsuit is so flattering and is a perfect example of one that can be dressed up or down. Not to mention, it’s so comfortable and is a really soft material, love it.




Let me know what your thoughts are on jumpsuits and what your favourite item of clothing is for transitional dressing. Also, I would be really interested to hear any other tips anyone has on transitional dressing!


  • kelseywritess

    I honestly prefer rompers to jumpsuits but this one is so cute! I think jumpsuits are such a good fit for taller gals and I find they look very boxy on my short self haha! xx

  • georgialeece

    I think I do too – I have so many rompers but only a couple of jumpsuits but I’m loving them at the moment! Yeah I agree although I’m not very tall and I still loved the fit of this one! Thanks for reading! Xx

  • crystalsandcurls

    You’re so pretty! I absolutely love a good jumpsuit – and OASIS is one of my favourite stores! Anything floral patterned I am all here for, so they’re a big yes from me xx

  • hannnahsbookshelf

    I’ve never really branched out into wearing jumpsuits or playsuits before as it can be hard to find flattering one but the one in these pictures looks beautiful!! The floral pattern is so cute and you look so lovely in it! 😊 Great post!

  • georgialeece

    There’s probably still so many in the shops! I wouldn’t mind another one too haha. I agree! Xx

  • Elysia

    I’ve never worn a jumpsuit because I didn’t know there were so many ways to wear one! Thank you for this I’ll be giving them a go now!

  • georgialeece

    Yeah they’re so versatile! I’d love to see it when you do get one, thank you for reading!

  • Kat (@femenish)

    This is such a pretty jumpsuit. I’ve never worn jumpsuits or rompers before, simple because I can never find one that fits properly. They all look so cute on the hanger, but no matter what size I try they just don’t fit properly. I’m kind of tempted to look again, because this one is just so cute! I love the tie at the waist.

  • georgialeece

    Thank you! Yeah I had that problem but this one just fits so well. Yeah keep looking, you might find one that fits perfectly!

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