How To: Wardrobe Organisation

If you’re anything like me, sorting out your wardrobe is a task and a half. With too many clothes and not enough space you’re forced with the decision of clearing out all the old things you’ll never wear again. So why is this so hard?

‘I MIGHT wear that again…’, ‘hmm what if I need it in the future?’, ‘I haven’t had a chance to wear it yet’.



I’m guilty of this, my wardrobe is beginning to overflow with clothes I haven’t worn in years and really I have no reason to hold onto them.

Don’t get me wrong, every so often I’ll pass a few tops down to other people, get rid of some worn out jeans and bring a bag of things to the charity shop but it doesn’t really seem to make much of a difference. The overwhelming feeling of what to wear each morning is something most people can relate to and I feel like this would be much easier with a narrowed down wardrobe consisting of the things you ACTUALLY wear on a regular basis.


So, here’s how I like to get it sorted:

Firstly, go through all the clothes and accessories you own and do a general sweep of things you know you don’t like anymore or wouldn’t wear again. After you’ve done that, take it a section at a time (e.g. summer clothes, shoes, scarves) and weigh up the pros and cons of anything you were unsure about the first time round. If there’s still uncertainty I advise just getting rid of it as maybe there’s not a high attachment to it.

Once you’ve gone through everything and decided what you no longer want to keep, separate all of the items into separate piles. I generally do two piles: one for clothes that are ruined or have been worn out, and another that is still in good condition. For the items that are in good condition I firstly let friends and family see if they want anything and everything left over will go to the charity shop.


The end result of clearing out your wardrobe has so many benefits. Not only have you decluttered your space and allowed room for anything new you purchase, but it makes getting ready in the morning much easier because there is less stuff to look through and everything there is something you know you like. Not only this, but charity shops and other people benefit from receiving any old clothes you didn’t want.

One thing I’d suggest is repeating this every few months as we enter a new season. This will ensure constant organisation and allow you to refresh your wardrobe as the seasons change.


If anyone has any other tips I’d love to hear them!



  • northernirishgirlonline

    Firstly, ‘I MIGHT wear that again…’, ‘hmm what if I need it in the future?’, ‘I haven’t had a chance to wear it yet’. < Get out of my head lol! Secondly, I am totally motivated to clear my wardrobe out now, but I won't get a chance until the weekend so I'm saving this post so I can read it again and then be motivated, again lol!

  • BethRebecca

    I need to do this, my wardrobe is so cluttered and messy right now with stuff I’ve just thrown in because I don’t know where to put it! I’ve left it so long that it’s going to take me ages haha but this has reminded me that I really need to organise it soon

    Beth |

  • suktara29

    Some real practical tips there! I love how you actually break down the process of arranging the wardrobe. Very useful content!

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