How to Save Money During Summer

With summer underway you might be finding that your bank balance is gradually decreasing by the week. Not very handy if you’ve got a holiday to pay for, a new summer wardrobe you’ve got your eye on and the maximum social life, right? If you want to have a good time it’s difficult to avoid spending money altogether but there are some ways to decrease your outgoings whilst still having fun in the process.


  1. Walk whenever possible

For short journeys avoid public transport and driving as much as possible and try walking instead. The cost of running your car or catching a train may not seem like a big hit to your bank balance at the time but if you’re doing this regularly it can really add up to an unnecessary figure. Not only will this help you financially but walking has numerous benefits for both your health and the environment. So really it’s a win win (WIN) all round.




2. Upcycle your clothes

Before you immediately go running to that new wardrobe, take a look at what you already own. Dig it all out and you’ll most likely find some old clothes that you completely forgot about. Also, chances are you’ll find things from last year that still fit you and you’d want to wear again. After all, it isn’t summer often and if you’ve got a large existing wardrobe for the season you’ve probably only worn each garment a few times.

Naturally our style progresses each year but if you’re someone who holds a talent for textiles (firstly I envy you!), why not try to give your clothes and accessories a whole new personality and upcycle them. If you can’t find anything from your summer wardrobe, venture out into what you own for the other seasons and you never know what you’ll get out of it in the end for little or no price at all.




3. DIY day

Why have we adopted this mentality that in order to have fun you need to spend a lot of money? Having a good time isn’t determined by what you do or how much money you spend but who you spend your time with. One idea is to find an outside space (such as someone in your groups’ garden), dig out all your outside games and water guns and have some fun and games together. If there’s a paddling pool/ regular pool available then even better but if not don’t feel the need to spend money on this, you can still have a good time without. End the day off with a barbeque and toast some marshmallows as you enter into the night.

IMG_0930 (1).JPG


Let me know if you decide to do any of these and how it turns out for you!


  • Bryoni Burns

    This is amazing!!1 I definitely agree with you there. I should definitely start to walk a lot more and get rid of clothes when I buy new ones. I loved reading this post. Your blog is so beautiful. I love the layout 🙂

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