How To Add Colour Into Your Spring Wardrobe

From winter last week to spring this week, we’re most definitely moving with the seasons. As the warmer weather starts to approach, I love nothing more than switching up my wardrobe and starting to bring some colour back into it. It’s the perfect time of year to do so and there are so many different ways to do it.

Firstly, if you’re not afraid to go bold and make a statement, I would most certainly advise you getting a jacket like this mustard leather one from Zara. I wore it to death last year but as it’s still in good condition I’ll most likely be wearing it all the time again this year. One thing I love about this jacket is how versatile it is. On the colder days it pairs so well with a jumper but as the temperatures increase it’s so easy to pair with a t-shirt or jumpsuit underneath – perfect.


If you want to bring colour into your wardrobe but are sceptical about going all out straight away then don’t worry – here’s one for you. I love this top from Boutique of Molly. It’s called the ‘Kelsie‘ top and is perfect for this time of year. I love the pattern on the front and on the sleeves which is perfect for spring with the pop of colour.



Picture from Boutique of Molly


Another item from Boutique of Molly is the ‘Florence‘ bag. This is such a beautiful bag and is in the prettiest shades of pink and its fresh aesthetic is ideal for spring. I’m personally obsessed with any kind of gold detailing so the gold chain on this bag made it even better for me. I also think that it’s so useful that you have different options for how to wear it – as a clutch bag or over the shoulder. It works for both. Another very handy feature of this bag which I noticed is the number of pockets inside which make it so useful for organising all of your belongings and keeping everything you need inside and with easy access.



Finally, earlier this year I bought a floral shirt from H&M. Spring is the perfect time of year for all the floral patterns to make their way into your wardrobe so I’m definitely excited to wear this some more in the coming months. The flared sleeves and bow at the front add even more to the shirt and add more of a feminine feel to it – love it. Not to mention that it includes so many of the best spring colours all into one shirt.


I have so many more different items of clothing and accessories that I live in over the spring months but so that I don’t ramble on too much longer I’ll stop there for now. Over time most of them will probably make an appearance in my future posts but if you’d like another similar post to this where I put them all together then let me know.

Thank you for reading! Talk to you next week,

G, x


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