FALLING INTO AUTUMN – Fashion Trends 2018

Autumn… yep autumn. One of the hardest times of the year to dress for because it’s just SO unpredictable. Half the time here in the UK it starts off being hotter than summer and then all of a sudden BAM here comes the rain and that’s what you’ve got everyday for the next 6 months.

It’s not all bad though. Dressing in baggy jumpers and cosy scarves are the ultimate comfort and what better time is there for layering?

However, knowing what to wear isn’t always easy, especially as trends are constantly changing. So, I’ve compiled a list of a few of my favourite trends for this autumn – pieces that I’ll probably be wearing so much that I’ll put them out of style myself.


1.  Tweed. Not gonna lie, this one was a bit of a shocker. I’m all about fashion coming back around but it seemed a little dated when I first saw it. Saying that, I was still loving the fun vibes and now that it’s in full swing with a little modern twist I’m coming round to the idea of it. So let’s channel our inner 80s style and go for it.





2.  Animal print. Oh animal print how we’ve missed you. I remember when leopard print was big (2009 maybe?) and I had just about EVERYTHING in it – I was completely obsessed. And now it’s back I’m here for it all. Snake print boots, zebra print shirt, leopard print dress… I’ll take it. No matter what your budget is, this trend is so easy to find. You can be sure that pretty much all the high street shops will be selling a huge variety of it this season, as well as higher end brands. Literally any time I walk into a shop or visit a brand’s website I feel like I’m greeted with animal print and it’s GREAT.




3.  Checks. Hey plaid, nice to see you again, welcome back. Every year without fail some kind of checks come back into the autumn trends so now they’re pretty much just statement pieces for all of us. I’m a big fan of plaid and apparently everyone else is too. I’d say my favourite is in a scarf (you know, the red checked scarf pretty much everyone owns?) but I can still appreciate it in different forms and am on the lookout for another checked shirt (so let me know if you know where any good ones are).





4.  Leather EVERYTHING. I currently own a couple of leather jackets and some boots but you know what, I’m loving the different leather garments I’ve been seeing lately. If I can find a leather skirt or trousers like the ones I’ve been seeing all over the internet (any help would be appreciated), I think I’d be pretty excited to give them a try. The only problem is, I don’t think I’d be wearing it for much more than autumn… in winter leather is COLD and I can imagine gets pretty hot in the spring months too.




I know I’ve missed out a ton of other trends – both new and old ones coming back around. Let me know what some of your favourite ones are and what else you’re looking forward to this season, I’d love to know!




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