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7 Fashion Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

I would say that the main way I get my fashion inspiration is through Instagram. There are so many beautiful accounts out there and I feel like I must have only discovered a fraction of them. These ones that I’ve chosen are my personal favourites. I absolutely love each one of their accounts and can almost guarantee that I’ll like all of their photos even before they’ve posted anything. They all have their own individual flare which I love. It mixes up my Instagram feed and makes it more interesting.

1. The first person is Tess Christine (tesschristinexo). I love her effortless chic street style which creates a relaxed theme on her account. Her casual style makes her outfits really easy to take inspiration from to wear everyday as what she wears is a lot more realistic in comparison to some of the other accounts I have chosen.


2. Secondly is Sincerely Jules – Julie Sarin(accent)ana – one of my favourites. Her account reminds me of a French theme which I personally think makes her account even more of a style inspiration. She always has the best outfits and backdrops in the most exotic locations.


3. One account which I think is slightly similar is Song of Style by Aimee Song. The muted coloured backgrounds that she poses in front of perfectly put the focus on her and her outfits


4. Camila Coelho – everything she posts is simply BEAUTIFUL. She has a balance between casual street style and beautiful gowns – all of which I adore. This is one I would definitely advise anyone to follow – whether you’re there for the outfits or just to see the gorgeous pictures.


5. This one is slightly different as rather than a single person it is the Australian brand Tony Bianco – literally for footwear dreamssss. Honestly I want everything I’ve seen on there – the boots, the crochet sandals – ugh I love it all!


6. Stefanie Giesinger – not only does the German model post pictures in the coolest outfits, she’s also fun and engaging to follow. I love her Instagram stories which really show her personality as well as showing her outfits in more detail.


7. I’ve only recently discovered Taylor LaShae but I love how summery and retro her account is. It has a completely different style to the other accounts I follow so is really refreshing to see each of her posts. She makes me wish I could rock the short hair like her but no way am I cutting mine to that length, I know I’d never pull it off like her!


That’s it for all of my top fashion accounts but if you’d like a separate one for interior design accounts then let me know. Also, don’t forget to let me know what your favourite accounts are, I’m always looking for new people to follow!

Thank you for reading, I hope you find an account here that you like!

G, x



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