Best Designer Dupes on the High Street

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Most of us won’t have the luxury of being able to purchase designer brands on a day-to-day basis and being a student I know all too well about this. However, with that being said, designer brands aren’t necessary for us to purchase and there are many high street stores who stock dupes for a much lower price tag. It just shows that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to wear something you feel good in. I hope you find some items on this list that you would consider buying as an alternative!

First up is the Versace Barocco FW’91 Print Silk Shirt. This vibrant button-up shirt has beautiful patterns and detail but amounts to £970 – a price that many people wouldn’t consider for a shirt.

Versace shirt.png

However, a much cheaper alternative is the Evelyn Baroque Print Oversized Shirt from Boohoo. Despite being a different style, this shirt maintains the colour theme and priceless patterns. And not to mention is a bargain at £18!

Boohoo shirt


Second is the Valentino Rockstud Untitled Camel Coat for £2835. As well as being the perfect length for a winter coat, the silver studs add something different and special to this coat. Realistically though, it’s not anywhere near what I would personally be able to pay.

Valentino coat

Fortunately, there are many alternatives of this coat that can be found on the high street recently.  The dupe that I have chosen is the Power Shoulder Trench Coat from Topshop. At a similar length, cut and colour, I would personally purchase this coat as a great alternative for the one from Valentino. For a similar style coat it is hard to believe that this one is £95 (but currently on sale).

Topshop trench coat


The Gucci GG Marmont matelassé mini bag has been everywhere in the recent weeks and months. At £715 the price tag isn’t quite as high as some of the other items in this post but it’s still not something that I can quite justify being a student.


If like me you’ve seen this bag on repeat but and would love to own it, maybe you could consider a much cheaper alternative which doesn’t look much different at all. From Miss Selfridge, the Black Quilted Cross Body Bag is only £20 but looks very similar, just without the Gucci logo.

Miss Selfrige bag


Finally, one item of clothing which has always been on and off trend has made another comeback – the blazer. This versatile piece brings a combination of both edge and sophistication to an outfit and not mention is really easy to style as it can be paired with almost anything. The Maison Di Prima Manuela double breasted blazer is the perfect fit but amounts to a large sum of £1675.

Maison Di Prima blazer

Despite being a different print, the Topshop Checked Double Breasted Jacket is a great alternative and costs a lot lower at £65 which is much more in my price range and something I would pay for this item of clothing. I think that I may even prefer this blazer to the Maison Di Prima one which is a huge positive considering the staggering price difference.

Topshop blazer


Overall, there are numerous dupes scattered around the high street so next time there’s a designer item you want but can’t afford it, try searching around a bit to see if you can get a better deal for something similar elsewhere.

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