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    Sporting the Jumpsuit for Autumn

    Has anyone else noticed the trend of jumpsuits just suddenly rocketing? Playsuits have been such a big part of fashion for quite a while now but this year its long-legged friend the jumpsuit seems to be making a grand entrance. I’m such a fan of playsuits and jumpsuits because they just make getting dressed in the morning so easy. Barely any thought is needed because apart from shoes and accessories your whole outfit is pretty much covered. Despite this, it creates an outfit that looks well put together and makes it seem like way more effort has been put into it than what the reality is. However, as it’s nearing…

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    FALLING INTO AUTUMN – Fashion Trends 2018

    Autumn… yep autumn. One of the hardest times of the year to dress for because it’s just SO unpredictable. Half the time here in the UK it starts off being hotter than summer and then all of a sudden BAM here comes the rain and that’s what you’ve got everyday for the next 6 months. It’s not all bad though. Dressing in baggy jumpers and cosy scarves are the ultimate comfort and what better time is there for layering? However, knowing what to wear isn’t always easy, especially as trends are constantly changing. So, I’ve compiled a list of a few of my favourite trends for this autumn – pieces…

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    How To: Wardrobe Organisation

    If you’re anything like me, sorting out your wardrobe is a task and a half. With too many clothes and not enough space you’re forced with the decision of clearing out all the old things you’ll never wear again. So why is this so hard? ‘I MIGHT wear that again…’, ‘hmm what if I need it in the future?’, ‘I haven’t had a chance to wear it yet’. STOP THE EXCUSES. I’m guilty of this, my wardrobe is beginning to overflow with clothes I haven’t worn in years and really I have no reason to hold onto them. Don’t get me wrong, every so often I’ll pass a few tops…

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    How to Save Money During Summer

    With summer underway you might be finding that your bank balance is gradually decreasing by the week. Not very handy if you’ve got a holiday to pay for, a new summer wardrobe you’ve got your eye on and the maximum social life, right? If you want to have a good time it’s difficult to avoid spending money altogether but there are some ways to decrease your outgoings whilst still having fun in the process.   Walk whenever possible For short journeys avoid public transport and driving as much as possible and try walking instead. The cost of running your car or catching a train may not seem like a big…

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    With so many different pairs of sunglasses out there it almost seems impossible to pick the perfect ones. Nowadays you can pretty much choose any style or colour you like and be sure that it will be found somewhere in your price range. For me, sunglasses are the perfect accessory to just make an outfit. They make the whole outfit look a bit more put together and gives the impression that lots more effort has gone into it than what the reality is. And let’s be real, half of the time we’re not even wearing sunglasses for their actual purpose, just using them as an accessory on the top of our…

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    7 Ways to Help You Get Up Early

    Summer is on its way and there’s no doubt that the mornings are just as beautiful and enjoyable as the rest of the day. Even though I find that the warmth and light in the summer mornings act as motivation to want to get up and start the day anyway, it’s not always enough to want to wake up early on a regular basis. So here are some tips which can be applied all year round that will hopefully allow you to get up earlier and have a more productive day!   Have something to look forward to This can be as simple as what you’ll be having for breakfast…

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    New York City: Travel Diary and Recommendations

    Hi everyone! I’m aware that I haven’t uploaded anything in a little while but I’ve been extremely busy over the last few weeks. However now that I’m back I’m so excited to start uploading regularly again! A couple of weeks ago I went to New York for a few days. Even though we weren’t there for long we walked until we physically couldn’t walk any more and experienced so much more of the city than I could have ever expected. We did so much that I could literally write an entire post on what we did just before 9am on the first day! So, for that reason I’m going to…

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    What comes to mind when you think of spring? For me, I think of blossoming trees, pretty pastels everywhere and the sun shining enough to put your jumpers away. So what’s going on this year?! Right now when I’m writing this it’s been pouring with rain all day, I’m wearing one of the thickest jumpers I own and I’m struggling to type this because my hands are so cold and numb. But, despite this I’m still holding out for spring and eagerly waiting for its arrival. So in the meantime, let’s enjoy spring in the form of pictures. Enjoy! G, x   *Pictures via Pinterest

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    7 Fashion Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

    I would say that the main way I get my fashion inspiration is through Instagram. There are so many beautiful accounts out there and I feel like I must have only discovered a fraction of them. These ones that I’ve chosen are my personal favourites. I absolutely love each one of their accounts and can almost guarantee that I’ll like all of their photos even before they’ve posted anything. They all have their own individual flare which I love. It mixes up my Instagram feed and makes it more interesting. 1. The first person is Tess Christine (tesschristinexo). I love her effortless chic street style which creates a relaxed theme…

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    How To Add Colour Into Your Spring Wardrobe

    From winter last week to spring this week, we’re most definitely moving with the seasons. As the warmer weather starts to approach, I love nothing more than switching up my wardrobe and starting to bring some colour back into it. It’s the perfect time of year to do so and there are so many different ways to do it. Firstly, if you’re not afraid to go bold and make a statement, I would most certainly advise you getting a jacket like this mustard leather one from Zara. I wore it to death last year but as it’s still in good condition I’ll most likely be wearing it all the time…